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Hiring an Interior Designer; 10 key questions to ask a designer and yourself

Attempting something for the first time can be daunting and hiring an Interior Designer is no exception. Knowing if your visions will align, if they are qualified professionals, how long a project takes to complete and most importantly; what is billable - are all are common questions to ask yourself. This weeks journal entry provides inspiration for the types of questions to not only ask your designer but yourself - before hiring.

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The Simple Life; soothe your senses

In a volatile world our quest for contentment can, at times, feel out of reach. Embracing an ethos of simplicity by acknowledging our needs over our wants, can in many ways counteract this struggle to find peace, soothing the senses for everlasting satisfaction…

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Milan moments; Our highlights from the world’s most influential design week

Each year the eyes of the design world firmly fix on Milans prestigious Salone del Mobile, the busiest design week on the interiors calendar. This year, we headed over to Milans creative districts ourselves, in search of the latest inspiration from the exhibition itself as well pop-ups, installations and more.

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