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Interior Design Project - New Reflections

All of our clients rely on us to curate spaces which offer more than aesthetic appeal. They acknowledge our experience within the practice of interior design and come to us requiring meaningful value from their space; for an enhanced experience within it.


We’re not simply ‘an interior design studio’ - we’re more than that. We create experiences, enhance lifestyles and add meaningful value to even the most awkward of spaces, most importantly however; we think past the notion of design simply being just an aesthetic.

Interior Design Journal The Power Of Personalisation

Interior Design Journal - The power of personalisation

The value within bespoke design is often underestimated. It’s a process commonly associated with kitchens or bathrooms only, a limited view in our opinion which dismisses the true power of personalisation.

Every individual element within a space should speak to us positively on a sensual level. The depth and quality of a design is most tangible when we come into physical contact with it and so influential touch-points such as handles or fabrics are extremely significant.

Considered choices rather than expensive mistakes.

Interior design is a profession, not a hobby. When hiring an interior architect or designer you are embarking on a valuable journey, utilising skilled practitioners who spend dedicated time developing designs and are able to draw upon years of knowledge - with refined technical capabilities and the experience to execute ideas into a reality…

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With an absolute understanding of the delicate balance between timeless luxury and intelligent design, our talented and experienced team work closely with all of our clients to realise the full potential of each project, designing imaginative spaces which truly reflect their vision and aspirations. 

Rachel Usher Interior Design Studio

Rachel Usher An Emotionally Considered Home

Interior Design Journal - An emotionally considered home

A successful interior scheme enhances the way you experience a space whilst reflecting your individuality. We explore the importance of design that’s emotionally considered.

Design affects our senses, whether that be in the way that we interact with light and space, the texture of materials or the furnishings used; all of these elements directly affect the comfort & purpose of a space, relating to how we feel and influencing our emotional wellbeing