Interior design service experience 

Our luxury interior design services are crafted to offer us the opportunity to work with a diverse range of residential clients, where we tailor our approach to provide a bespoke, white-glove service that we’re extremely proud of.  

Our studio team mindfully balance their time between high-end projects of various sizes and locations, managing the full design process from concept right through to the final installation. As educated professionals with decades of experience our dedicated design team have the technical knowledge and necessary technology to interpret and deliver aspirational visions into a reality. We’re one of the few interior design studios in the North of England with the capacity and skills to realise structural, architectural designs as well as FF&E services.  

Over time the studio has curated an extensive library of contemporary finishes and materials to create truly luxurious interior schemes, whilst developing long standing relationships with a network of trusted suppliers to create bespoke finishes unique to the taste of each individual client.

The below will  provide you with a clear idea of how our interior design service is structured and what is involved within each stage of the interior design process.

Stage I. Concept

The concept stage is the first and possibly most important part of the interior design process. We spend valuable time curating digital concept boards which acknowledge your aspirations and offer solutions to issues within your current space - in accordance with the specified budget. We carefully collect and edit ideas for the individual elements which will turn your space into an experience, rather than somewhere you simply inhabit.

Your individual needs as well as the size and scale of your project determines how many boards or options are presented to you personally at our design studio, where you are provided with the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings on the concept we've curated.  Once a selection has been made for the concept direction you feel works best for you, we’ll then progress the design in more detail.

Stage ii. Scheme

Our extensive in-house library of finishes and materials enables us to interpret the vision we’ve curated within our digital concepts into a tactile reality.

In many cases bespoke fitted-joinery and other bespoke furniture will be included and along with all soft furnishings these elements will be designed in-house - where our skilled designers produce detailed drawings and specification packages to ensure that our vision for the space is implemented by our contractors and craftsman to the highest-standard, something which we will never compromise on.

The final scheme in its entirety, including textual samples, technical drawings and in some cases computer generated realistics or 3D renders will again be presented to you personally at our design studio, where you will be able to approve and finalise the design choices we've curated for you.

Stage iii. Detail Design

Once the scheme presented has been approved we develop and finalise all drawings and specifications, including requirements for bespoke designs. All luxury details, big and small, are considered and hand-selected to truly make the space unique to each client.

Project management is key during the detail design stage, when working with Rachel Usher Interior design we will handle the full procurement process for you, planning all orders and purchasing to ensure deliveries are timed correctly in line with the project deadline. We unpack and check each item upon receipt too, ensuring each piece has arrived in the intended condition however if damages during transit do occur, which does happen occasionally , we handle these issues along with any other discrepancies directly with suppliers on your behalf.

Stage iv. installation

Everything comes together at this stress-free stage as we manage the entire final installation, including the numerous skilled craftsmen such as electricians, joiners and decorators. We coordinate each individual tradespersons schedule in advance to ensure works are carried out in the correct order according to the individual projects development stages, providing assurance that each space we design is completed by the specified deadline. We monitor all works carried out to ensure every project is delivered to our exceptionally high standards and are happy manage any unforeseen issues that may require attention such as structural works.

Finally, we apply all of the crucial final details with our white-glove service, enlisting a dedicated cleaning team too so that you’re free to enjoy the interior experience of your new space instantly.

Residential Interior Design Services

We kindly ask all prospective clients to initially provide an overview of their project and in most cases we will send a brief email with guided questions, allowing us to gain a better understanding of your project and individual requirements.

We’ll assess your needs and our studio diary, next inviting you in for a free one-hour initial consultation. At this stage you’ll be able to discuss your project with our design directors in much more detail but most importantly you’ll be able to get to know us and how we work.

If you would like to work with our talented team please use our contact form or our Facebook Messenger live-chat service to get in touch - we’ll always respond within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

We’ve also compiled a list of frequently asked questions here, with detailed answers to provide you with reassurance and clarity of what to expect when working with our experienced design studio.