Interior design service experience 

As interior designers with 30 years experience within the practice we understand that every project and client is unique. Most of our projects are approached in three stages; concept, scheme and design - a carefully crafted structure which allows you the freedom to choose when and where you require our studios expertise.

The below will  provide you with a clear idea of how our interior design service is structured and what may be involved within each stage, according to your individual needs.

Stage I. Concept

The concept stage is the first and possibly most important part of the interior design process. We spend valuable time curating digital concept boards which acknowledge your aspirations and offer solutions to issues within your current space. We carefully collect and edit ideas for the individual elements which will turn your space into an experience, rather than somewhere you simply inhabit.

Your individual needs as well as the size and scale of your project determines how many boards or options are presented to you personally at our design studio, where you are provided with the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings on the concept we've curated.  Once a selection has been made for the concept direction you feel works best for you, we’ll then progress the design in more detail.


Stage 11. Scheme

Our extensive in-house library of finishes and materials enables us to interpret the vision we’ve curated within our concepts into a reality.

We hand-select each individual element required within the space, sourcing the luxury pieces which truly make a space unique to each client. In many cases bespoke joinery for furniture, kitchens, bathrooms and lighting will be designed in-house together with our dedicated contractors and suppliers. We produce detailed drawings and specification packages to ensure our vision is implemented to the highest-standard, something which we will never compromise on.

The final scheme in its entirety, including textual samples, technical drawings and in some cases computer generated realistics will be presented to you personally at our design studio, where you will be able to approve and finalise the design choices we've curated for you.


Stage 111. Detail Design and installation

Once the scheme presented has been approved we develop final drawings and specifications, including any requirements for bespoke designs.

Everything then comes together at this stress-free stage as we manage every component within the project - from full procurement to handling deliveries and monitoring installation. All projects are planned and prepared in advance and we work closely with our trusted network of talented craftsman throughout the installation process; to ensure completion dates are always met.

We apply all of the crucial final details with our white-glove service, enlisting a dedicated cleaning team too so that you’re free to enjoy the interior experience of your new space instantly.

Residential Interior Design Services

We kindly ask all prospective clients to initially provide an overview of their project and in most cases we will send a brief email with guided questions, allowing us to gain a better understanding of your project and individual requirements.

We’ll assess your needs and our studio diary, next inviting you in for a free one-hour initial consultation. At this stage you’ll be able to discuss your project with our design directors in much more detail but most importantly you’ll be able to get to know us and how we work.

If you would like to work with our talented team please use our contact form or our Facebook Messenger live-chat service to get in touch - we’ll always respond within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

We’ve also compiled a list of frequently asked questions here, with detailed answers to provide you with reassurance and clarity of what to expect when working with our experienced design studio.