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Simplicity, as an ethos, has particular resonance within the world of interior design.


Is less more? It’s sentiment that’s often associated with minimalism but leading a simpler life doesn’t necessarily have to involve a barely-there aesthetic. It can be soothing, not sterile, providing a calm canvas that’s curated through mindful choices which acknowledge our needs before our wants.

Not filling our homes with mindless ‘stuff’ provides invaluable benefits, allowing a space to breathe which subsequently highlights the design choices made within it. The average house has 300,000 objects inside, most of which rarely add any value in our day-to-day lives. An appreciation of object’s and their narrative value, whether that be collectables or iconic furniture design, is integral as an approach when crafting a space to leaves us filled with contentment.

Sustainable Style

Our emotive response to the elements used within a space is influenced by how we interact with them, on a functional level and so investing in key, high-quality items is undoubtedly important.

Appreciating the craftsmanship and skill needed to create iconic design and the inevitable cost involved should be viewed as an investment - a word not used lightly. Most noteworthy design brands increase prices year-on-year, allowing the everlasting designs that they produce to retain their value if resold at a later date. Carefully selecting quality elements which provide purpose as well as sustainable style not only last a lifetime but as a result also become part of our lives, our story, and we form a deeper emotional connection to a space overall as a result. 

Modern Simplicity 

Lighting is particularly significant when creating modern simplicity. Often appearing pared-back, accent and task lighting is in-fact applied with great attention to detail, achieved through mindful decisions with results not dissimilar to statement lighting. Cleverly coupling functional elements with hidden lighting such as mirrors, cabinetry or structural components enhances their purpose elegantly, adding immense value to them and in turn, our lives. Human interaction with directional lighting is equally important. The ability to adjust lighting according to a spaces needs again assists with the functionality of a space whilst reducing the number of individual lighting components needed.

Cohesive Colour

Curating colour that will nourish your soul can too be approached in a simple way by harnessing colours holistically according to the needs of a space. Our minds naturally associate simplicity and balance with stereotypical stark whites but in reality colour and hue selections, if considered, can provide calmness and a feeling of contentment too. Applying single use colour, known as a monochromatic scheme, can be used with great effect to simplify a space, as can picking contrast colours with the same depth or tone; this cohesion providing a sense stability.

Interior symmetry 

Symmetrical balance is integral when creating a simple, serene space. Repetition or mirroring along a central axis is often seen in nature, ourselves included, making the process of how we view visuals much simpler and what we see more memorable. We’re able to focus clearly on individual elements with the amount we see kept to a minimum and these measured choices soothe our senses, leaving us with the contentment needed for true happiness...

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