Investing in luxury; Where quality, personal expression and longevity collide

Rachel Usher Swoon Chair By Federicia

Consuming without thinking long term is a costly cycle that many find themselves lured into.

Buying objects that rapidly become irrelevant or worse, quickly fall apart, is all too common - not only is this bad for the wallet but it is equally damaging to how a space feels to interact with on an emotional level.

Over the past decade trends such as simplicity and slow fashion have dramatically risen in popularity with the vast majority of us now increasingly aware of what adds value to our individual lives.  

Where or how we choose to invest is undoubtedly subjective, everyone is different but one common similarity between us all is our homes. The impact our home spaces have on our overall well being is easy to recognise, think about your own spaces which allow you to truly switch-off and relax or those spaces which bring your family and friends together - they bring immeasurable joy and contentment to our lives and the experiences we have within these spaces are directly affected by how it is designed and the individual elements that are included.  

Iconic and authentic Design

Investing in high-quality, timeless pieces within a space is not only an investment in luxury but is also a way of expressing ourselves, it is an approach which encourages conscious decisions, mostly due to cost, developing into a unique style that is distinct, determined and self assured.

Many authentic design classics increase in value over time appreciating like any other investment, due to the fact that they are designed to last a lifetime; serving functional style for generations.   

Arguably one of the most admired and iconic chairs of all time, the Vitra Eames Lounge Chair is the perfect example of what defines an iconic design. The lounge chairs established history dates back to the 1950’s, designed by Charles and Ray Eames and is recognised as a notable piece of twentieth-century design, combining elegant aesthetics with comfort.

The high quality materials and proportions, carefully designed with ergonomics in mind, are precisely what differentiates the iconic design from other off-the-shelf pieces. To this day it is still crafted using the original methods and after decades of continual testing at Vitra’s own facility in Basel, Vitrahaus, the chair still shows no sign of wear and tear; authenticating the designs quality.

The natural materials used to create pieces such as these will form over time depending on the owner and how they interact with it. This allows the design to evolve, transforming from simplya beautiful lounge chair’ to ‘your beautiful lounge chair’ - unlike any other and ultimately irreplaceable.  

High Quality Design

The biggest difference between bespoke or iconic design and ready-to-buy furniture is the quality of manufacture and the materials used. Designer brands such as Vitra, Flos or Carl Hansen have spent years perfecting their craft, innovating the processes used in their manufacturing to ensure the highest quality is achieved, creating pieces which are built to last.

Buying once and buying well is the most resourceful way to utilise both money and time, the need to constantly repair or replace is eliminated and you are able to relax, enjoying each and every element within your space; which after all is the very reason we invest in our homes in the first place.

Bespoke design requires the ultimate level of attention to detail, crafted with care these pieces add enormous amounts of value to how a space feels to interact with. Incorporating high quality craftsmanship with carefully selected materials each piece is again designed to last a lifetime, whilst allowing the freedom to create pieces which are unique and are truly reflective of you as an individual.

Hans J. Wegner designed the Wishbone Chair in 1949 especially for Carl Hansen & Søn. It was produced for the first time in 1950 and has been produced continuously ever since. The Wishbone Chair is an excellent example of Hans J. Wegner's constant strive towards achieving organic simplicity, comfort and stability in his designs.

Personality and Sentiment

Aside from quality and longevity, iconic and bespoke designs over time become a reflection of your own personality and style. A quick fix may be tempting but it’s an approach that rarely leads to owning objects that hold any personal sentiment; just like a valuable heirloom or irreplaceable momemoto, it’s the beloved pieces you hold on to over the years which provide an abundance of positive energy from the memories they hold.

Perhaps the most overlooked reason to invest in high quality furniture and lighting is the actual design itself - pieces with striking forms, in addition to the value they provide through their function, provide an additional element of joy to a space. To create these contemporary pieces, months or sometimes years are spent planning the materials, fixings and overall style of a piece and it’s this thoughtful attention to detail throughout the process that really sets iconic and bespoke design apart from the alternatives on the market.

Luxury Residential Interior Design Services

Our studio team understand that we are more than simply ‘an interior design studio’. We create experiences and enhance lifestyles adding meaningful value to a space, mostly due to the fact that we think past the notion of design simply being just an aesthetic.

Quality and craftsmanship play a major role in all of our processes, we don’t view our clients journey as merely a transaction, to us the ‘client journey’ is the full experience we provide for you - where we thoughtfully hand-select each individual element for your space, carefully and consistently analysing each and every component throughout the process.

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