The Coal Office; a holistic experience

Tom Dixon The Coal Office external shot

A fresh London home for Tom Dixon’s latest experiments, innovations and collaborations. 




The Coal office is designed to push the boundaries of contemporary retail as we know it.

Later this month, the internationally renowned brand Tom Dixon opens it's doors to the design brands most ambitious development yet. Located in the heart of London’s Kings Cross, the new hub contributes to an ever-expanding network of creative businesses within the area. We were lucky enough to be invited to a private press-preview this week, for a first look at how the space has been transformed... 

For us it was imperative not just to find a new office or shop. It was vital to find a new home. London isn’t just another city. It is where it all started. We will use these 17,500 square feet in this incredible location as a platform to broadcast our latest ideas in interior design, product innovation and experiments in food, functionality and future living.

Against an industrial backdrop the Coal Office is set to lead the way as a multi-disciplinary platform for innovation in design. The space will function as a live studio combined with a gift-shop, workshop and office all under one roof, with the culinary delights of a brand-new restaurant and roof terrace - to be launched later in the year, towards the end of June. 

The Coal Office will serve as the ultimate centre for interiors, a journey through outstanding details from beginning to end. The lower ground store and showroom is a sensory journey, something which the iconic buildings architecture naturally lends itself to. A series of large archways split the space, allowing each sensory element to shine individually whilst harmoniously flowing into one another through the continued details of exposed brickwork and large-scale hardwood floors.

Each individual archway and the sensory visions of light, colour, tactility and scent within it, are all carefully considered in the new premises which notably isn't named after the Tom Dixon brand itself; a conscious decision to allow each element to breathe with room for creative collaborations from younger craft studios and complementary businesses; hand-selected for cohabitation by Tom Dixon personally.

In celebration of the unique history of the building, which dates back to 1851, edible installations celebrating the power of coal by food concept studio Arabeschi di Latte were served on the day, along with new product presentations and a tour by the designer himself. To preview the emotionally considered space before it opens to the general public at the end of this month, head over to our Instagram account here. 


Opening Dates and Times

  • Shop Opening Date: Friday 20 April, Monday - Saturday 10am – 7pm, Sunday 11am – 4pm. 

  • Restaurant: Opening late June 2018.

Address: Tom Dixon, The Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, London N1C 4PQ