Rachel Usher Interior Design x Eporta: How design defines mood.

Rachel Usher - Interior Design Perspectives

In a conversation with Eporta, the fresh-thinking interior procurement company for some of the worlds most iconic brands…

Rachel Usher discusses the studio’s latest projects, our interior design perspective and why emotionally considered design truly matters.

Design is a method of expression, a form of communication and a visual message to ourselves and others.

But why does Rachel Usher believe that great design matters? What inspires the studio’s projects? Does Rachel Usher Interior Design have a signature design trait that identifies us no matter what? - These are just some of the questions Eporta ask in a rare interview with Rachel herself.

We’ve included a brief excerpt below, to read the interview in full make your way over to the Eporta journal here

Why do you believe that great design matters?

Our lives are too full, from crazy schedules to a never-ending drip of technology, along with the ‘things’ we accumulate over our lifetimes. Being in a well-designed space, with a careful curation of ‘things’ can make us feel more comfortable, enabling us to feel more focused, relaxed and content.

Interior Design is often perceived as superficial. However, it has such a significant effect on our mood and emotional wellbeing. It fundamentally alters how we live. Specifically; colour, texture, and lighting have huge cerebral impacts. Then there is scent! I bang on and on about the importance of perfume as smells have the power to unlock parts of our memory in much the same way a nostalgic music track can do, which is why it's a critical element of all our designs.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Interview with Eporta

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Rachel Usher