#IBA18; Amara's annual Interior Blog Awards are back - and we're nominated!


Amara's Interior Blog Awards celebrate respected bloggers from across the Industry.

This year, we’re proud say that we are nominated within the ‘Best Interior Design Blog’ category - but we need your help...





After years of working closely with many talented individuals, interiors retailer Amara recognised blogging as an integral part of the interior design industry. Introducing the concept of an Interiors Blog Awards in 2013, the campaign to celebrate and champion bloggers from various backgrounds has since grown tremendously - thanks to the awards philosophy of being open to all, regardless of size or stature within the industry.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Blog 

We think past the notion that design is simply about aesthetics and our journal allows us to explore this sentiment with you directly, from ‘Light and it’s Power of Illusion’ to what ‘A New Mood of Exuberance’ means for you. All of our journal entries explore the importance of creating a memorable interior experience and why an emotionally considered approach is, to us, the only way to add meaningful value to a space.

An Emotionally Considered Home

A successful interior scheme enhances the way you experience a space...

A New Mood Of Exuberance

A New Mood Of Exuberance

Why Spaces with punch and personality are the future of interior design...

How to vote

Amara have introduced a new system this year for shortlisting each categories entries - combining the judges’ views and the public vote to produce an overall score; culminating in an annual awards ceremony.  

If you would like to take part in the preliminary voting stage, we’re delighted to announce our nomination within the ‘Best Interior Design Blog’ category,  voting opens from Wednesday 15th August at 10am BST here. 

Voting will close on Wednesday19th September at 12pm BST.