A Sanctuary For Sleep

Image Credit: Harrison Spinks

Image Credit: Harrison Spinks

Creating comfort within a bedroom space is probably the most important element to sleeping soundly. A high-quality mattress should always be the foundation of the space, providing the body with correct and proper support is integral when encouraging restorative sleep, as are the fibres used to create the mattress itself. 

Harrison Spink are one manufacturer whose exacting standards for quality sleep have resulted in award winning mattresses, crafted using natural sheep wool fibres without the use of pesticides, best for wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature. 

Innovation is at the heart of Harrison Spinks, and it is the continuous investment in technology which has allowed us to become the most vertically integrated bed manufacturer in the world. We never rest, because only the very best will do.

Body temperature regulates over the course of the day by internal rhythms, the bodies temperature begins dropping in the evening and continues throughout the night. This drop in body temperature triggers drowsiness and is your body’s cue that it may be time to go to sleep. It also makes you increasingly sensitive to external temperatures throughout the night and it is therefore, extremely important to regulate the temperature of both your bedroom and any other elements we come into contact with when sleeping. 

The companies use of locally grown fibre crops such as hem, flax and wool lessens the impact on the environment too with lower CO2 and greenhouse emissions. 

Alpaca wool is another ethical option that we advise, with products free from the use of chemicals or dyes and the animals themselves treated with the best of care to ensure a healthy and glossy fleece is maintained. Unlike other industries, Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat and are unharmed when sheared and the hollow nature of the wool fibre allows molecules to move freely ensuring body temperatures remain cool and dry consistently throughout the night. 

Sleep keeps us well. So when the world is fast, we slow down. When there is noise, we are quiet. Where there’s plastic, we go back to nature. And where there is waste, we build to last a lifetime. We make fewer than 1000 beds a year, because quality sleep needs the best beds, not the most.

Other healthy and breathable materials best for moisture wicking and temperature regulating include Horse tail, Mongolian yak, cashmere, cotton. Having spent over a century perfecting the art of sleep, Savoir Beds hand craft their luxury mattresses using these natural materials, tailored to each individual clients specifications, body, your style. The result is luxuriant, unparalleled bounce and longevity, reducing  pressure points in tandem with regulating body temperature. 

Bedlinen is equally important. Utilising soft, luxurious natural fabrics equates to better absorption and is breathable whilst providing insulation in colder months. The premium cotton ranges by Coze are a natural take on opulence and are products we regularly specify within our high-end interior design schemes due to the linens luxury credentials and the brands sustainable ethos. 

High-quality & restful sleep

Lighting is also an integral aspect of a considered sleep environment and requires thoughtful planning at the initial design stage. 

Eliminating electronics also encourages enhanced sleep quality, the blue light often associated with electronic devices is known to suppress melatonin production which can impair sleep. Watching television for example stimulates the mind, leaving you feeling more awake and less able to fall asleep easily. The same applies when using mobile phones, tablets or laptops at bedtime, creating an electronic-free bedroom will result in a balanced atmosphere and encourage a sense of restfulness.  

When heading to sleep it is extremely important that the space is as dark as possible, we understand that this sentiment isn’t for everyone, however, darkness does protect your body’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us sleepy and will promote a high-quality and restful sleep. Curtains and blinds which black-out external light sources also help to provide the required level of darkness, as well as the sensory textures required to make a space feel soft and comfortable. 

It is essential that the lighting levels throughout the space are balanced to create a comfortable environment. When considered in layers lighting is not only more visually interesting but also allows the space to be customised depending upon how the space needs to function at different times. Curating lighting in this way provides the option to turn down the illumination of the space through each individual source, gradually reducing light to ease the mind fluidly towards sleep. 

Image Credit: Harrison Spinks

Image Credit: Harrison Spinks

The sound of Silence

Noise at night can obstruct sleep, creating restless and inconsistent sleeping patterns, even if these sounds don’t consciously wake or interrupt a sound night of sleep. Sound interruptions affect the movement from the lighter to the deeper stages of sleep, protecting your environment for the duration of the night will provide consistent sleep patterns resulting in a higher quality sleep.

The introduction of carefully considered layers of tactility will not only add to the sense of luxuriousness but will also help to absorb noises coming from elsewhere. In bedrooms the use of carpets and the abundant use of highly textured fabrics such as within the curtains, will all increase the noise cancelling benefits.

Comfort & Contentment

Curating a subtle yet warm palette of colours, obtained through building a variation of earthy neutral hues at different levels, provides a harmonious atmosphere to connect with. Warm and embracing, these palettes resonate most in times of uncertainty as warmer hues are found lowest on the visual spectrum and provide calming effects. Layering tones with accents of chalky hues, complemented with natural materials such as lightly toned wood further enhances an emotionally rewarding aesthetic.

Allowing a space to breathe highlights the design choices made within it. An appreciation of object’s and their narrative value, whether that be collectables or iconic furniture design, is integral as an approach when crafting a space to leaves us filled with comfort and contentment. Minimising items of loose furniture and accessories creates a sense of space overall and the feeling of calm within, required to ensure a rejuvenating night of sleep. 

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