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Residential Project - South Yorkshire

The thoughtful overhaul of this period homes master-bedroom required considerable consideration to every delicate detail within the space. The success of this particular scheme relied on our designers extensive experience, working around the prestigious period-property’s inevitable architectural quirks to design a space which felt cohesive, functional and most importantly connected on a personal level to the client.

The space required an intellectual and technical approach to seamlessly integrate the elements within the space which involved interaction, such as lighting, but the success of the design also relied on aesthetic unity to provide a wealthy sense of calm, a silent haven to relax and retreat.

Rachel Usher South Yorkshire Master Bedroom

an envy enduring sleep space

Reworking the existing spacial plan and in some areas the structure of the space itself, created a more comfortable and nurturing environment. Existing curved archways were streamlined to incorporate the addition of sliding Crittal pocket-doors, designed to seamlessly disappear within an architectural stud-wall behind the custom built headboard and display joinery. The addition of space created within this area allowed for generous proportions within the sleeping area, to create an envy enduring place to pause, unwind and relax.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Master Bedroom Design

Intellectual lighting solitions

Lighting plays a significant role in how the mood of a room is created. Soft, low-level-lighting creates depth and tranquility within a space.

Utilising an existing automated lighting control system by Lutron, accent lighting by Belux and integrated LED lighting within the bespoke joinery were combined with the spaces ceiling task lights, controlled by various touch points to provide a convenient method to adjust the mood and personalise the space; enhancing the overall comfort levels and daily lifestyle of the client.

Hidden LED lighting within the bespoke joinery created additional depth within the space, illuminating the accent mother-of-pearl wallpaper which provided a backdrop to our hand-selected accessories.

Fine Fusions

Designed in-house, every individual element within the space involved careful consideration, with each hand-crafted finish selected to provide a sense of individuality whilst appearing coherent and complimentary.

The delicate balance between each individual piece involved introducing bespoke specialised textured finishes, within the fireplace wall in particular, where heat-proofed texturised panels framed the integrated television and bioethanol fireplace.

Previously the space featured a non-working, traditional-style fireplace surround which when positioned off-centre within a bare wall lacked warmth and off-set the overall spacial plan and symmetry of the space.

The elements new interpretation was thoughtfully designed to consider the sensory experience this particular element provides, functionally this area relies on the clients interaction and it was important, even if subconscious, that the sensory reaction felt seamless, emulating the experience of high-end hotel accommodation.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Master Bedroom Design
Bespoke elements such as the crafted finish surrounding the fireplace allowed us the freedom to create in a truly unique way. As a result this integral element felt reflective of the clients aspirations whilst also adhering to the functional needs of the space.

Serine shades

Pale, plaster-like blush-pinks by Paint and Paper Library were combined with complementary tonal pairings of grey in various subtle shades and wood with a light, natural finish to create an instantly calming environment.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Master Bedroom Design

A heightened sense of luxury

Previously loose items of furniture dominated the space which affected the overall unity within - both visually and functionally.

The integration of bespoke fitted joinery provided dedicated areas for the various functional needs of the space, for a streamlined, instinctive experience and when juxtaposed with high-quality statement touch points, such as the long statement door handles within the wardrobe fronts, the overall experience again felt elevated with a heightened sense of luxury.

Exuberant finishes

Concept is a world renowned producer of bespoke carpets and rugs. We specialise in the creation and installation of handcrafted, luxury products, tailored to each individual brief.

Carpet has the proven health benefit of lowering blood pressure and is also known to improve the acoustics of a space - improving the quality of the overall experience and providing a haven where the sound of silence is something to relish and enjoy.

100% silk-bamboo carpets were created bespoke by Concept Hand Tufting, where we hand-selected each individual tuft within the organic design to ensure the largest element within the space felt unique to the client whilst unifying the space as a whole.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Master Bedroom Design

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Photography credit: Felix Mooneeram

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