Rachel Usher

Founder and Creative Director

After establishing a successful career as a freelance interior designer, Rachel Usher founded her South Yorkshire practice in 2012, an organic movement as interest in her luxury design schemes evolved rapidly through word-of-mouth recommendations within an elite and loyal client base - across the UK and internationally. 

The success of the studio so far is undeniably related to Rachels unique design perspective and creative direction, where her approach to design goes far deeper than aesthetics, unravelling the intangible emotional benefits of a space is her primary pursuit.

Rachels global perspective of design, in all its forms, has undoubtedly enriched the studios portfolio so far. Having spent significant time as a professional in Canada and the United States, Rachel holds a deep connection to Mid-century modern design. The movements clean simplicity and integration with nature are key influences within the practices design philosophy and are values which enhance each individual scheme. 

As Creative Director, Rachel encourages and empowers her studio team to take the important time needed to truly understand all clients, their personalities and individual lifestyles, viewing this time as an integral element within the interior design journey. Getting to know clients is often overlooked within the industry, something which Rachel aims to dismantle along with the unapproachable, pretentious stereotypes often associated to the sector as a whole.

On a personal level, Rachel is passionate advocate of equality, diversity and inclusion, willing to leap onto any soapbox she can, no matter how small, to encourage positive change and ensure any group or individual is never treated differently or less favourably on the basis of their specific characteristics. 

Together with her trusted, diverse and highly skilled family of Interior Designers, Technologists and Managers, Rachel provides an accomplished, professional service with authentic personality, integrity and natural charm.

Rachel Usher Founder and Creative Director at Rachel Usher Interior Design