Consciously Connected


The key requirements within this luxury residential brief were to create a space for focused and inspirational thoughts. Our design team understood and identified with these needs, acknowledging the numerous benefits to carving out a space within the home for remote working. 

Embracing the emotional values required, the studio team consciously curated an environment which would promote a sense of calmness throughout, providing copious amounts of functional storage to encourage focused thoughts. 

To create an environment conducive to concentration, the space required synergy, with each individual element cohesively connected to create an overall calming effect whilst remaining purposeful.

Luxury Residential Study By Rachel Usher Interior Design
Our skilled designers produced detailed drawings and specification packages to ensure that our bespoke vision would be implemented by our contractors to the highest standard; Spatial plans and joinery elevations were key to the success of this design.

Feeling centred

Previously functioning as a child's playroom, the space required thoughtful attention to how the space would now function as a study, spatial plans were key within the initial stages of the design process where the Rachel Usher studio team envisaged how the clients would interact within the space. 

Positioning the desks within the centre of the space allowed for an open, constantly changing view with the influx of natural light cascading evenly throughout whilst also allowing us to create endless amounts of fixed storage, easily accessible and within view. This approach also presented the opportunity to incorporate two individual work spaces, one for each client, providing an open and collaborative environment. 

The scheme encompassed a silk carpet, with each tuft colour hand-selected by the Rachel Usher Interior Design team to provide much needed texture within the space but also adding a sense of luxury and comfort. A bespoke herringbone oak parquet floor in  brushed urban grey defined the perimeter of the study, creating a sense of space whilst also firmly establishing the dedicated areas within. 

A bespoke, large-scale mirror with a grey tint aided our vision of openness, further creating a sense of space from the viewpoint of both desks.

expertly engineered

Centering the two individual spaces required us to reconsider the existing technical elements within the space. Power sources were required for charging computers, phones and dedicated task lighting and to accommodate these needs electrical outputs were introduced within the centre of the space. Significant engineering was undertaken to integrate all cables within the frame of the desks, hiding all electrical points from any angle or viewpoint. Power sockets were incorporated inside a discrete compartment within each desk top, underneath a hand-carved cover, allowing easy access to power sources whilst also remaining aesthetically minimal.

Luxury Residential Study By Rachel Usher Interior Design

a comforting atmosphere

Featured within endless high-end interiors editorials, the MDF Italia Flow chair is famed  for the comfort and flexibility it provides as well as its iconic shape. Our design team acknowledged the importance of physical ease when selecting this piece, an important requirement for long periods of concentration. An Italian bouclé cloth was selected for the pieces upholstery, a tactile fabric which is rich in texture yet soft to handle.

The integral tactile elements such as the desk chair, carpet and curtains were seamlessly combined with lighting at various levels, to create an inviting atmosphere. The Flos Superloon effortlessly provided a sense of warmth as well as an abundance of ambience, illuminating the space with a soft, even glow from a beautifully designed, architectural structure.

Seamless storage

The high-end joinery walls were crafted to ensure interaction felt seamless, with push to open draws and an integrated ladder, able to effortlessly slide across the full set of joinery, even through a corner, providing easy access to the upper storage and display units. High-end finishes were utilised throughout with dawn mist quilted maple veneers, mixed with graphite stained oak and bespoke burnished black steel handles. 

The beautifully crafted storage units incorporated soft LED back-lighting, compatible with Lutron, to accentuate the collection of hand-selected accessories. These were enhanced further with the subtle addition of black back-painted glass, providing a deepened sense of mood, and conjuring notions of opulence. 

Luxury Residential Study By Rachel Usher Interior Design

Timeless and Authentic

All luxury details, big and small, were considered and hand-selected to truly make the space unique to the individual clients whilst also connective on a sensory level.

Accessories by iconic brands such as Tom Dixon, Vitra and Ferm Living were mixed were emerging talents such as Studio Arhoj and New Works. The client’s own personal mementos were also incorporated within these areas to create a timeless and authentic scheme. 

Scents by Tom Dixon provided a rich aroma, created through a unique concoction of mint, guaiac wood and cedar wood. The scent’s simplicity and individual elemental characters embodied the essence of the overall scheme, both candles and charcoal diffusers incorporating the scent were carefully positioned within the space to ensure this essential sensory element could be noted throughout.

Evocative Artworks

Art is the considered process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to an individuals senses or emotions. Our clients held a unique affinity with the artist Rebecca Morris, having already collected pieces of her works throughout their home. On this occasion we were able to specify the individual colours incorporated within the piece, which the artist builds up layers in bold strokes to create washes and stains, with enhanced and deep areas of colour which evoke distinct moods and a real sense of place.

A Rachel Usher Interior Design bespoke sideboard hosted the Serena lamps by Flos, which provided an adjustable, incandescent glow to enhance the commissioned piece.

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Photography credit: Felix Mooneeram

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