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Residential project - Sheffield

Enhancing the experience of a space and developing a nurturing environment for our clients is, as an interior design studio, our number-one objective. We think past the notion that design relates to aesthetics only and truly understand that to add meaningful value to a space it must also be functional and seamless to interact with on a personal level.

Whilst in terms of scale this particular project brief was more bijou than other schemes we’ve worked on previously, the individual requirements within the brief, redefining the spaces purpose, combined with the age of the property created a complex task. A respect and appreciation for the beautiful, original architectural features within the building was a priority whilst also delivering a scheme which felt contemporary, welcoming and comforting for guests to effortlessly enjoy and feel relaxed within.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Guest Bedroom

A serene sleeping environment

The most integral aspect of any guest bedroom is of course, the sleeping area and so naturally as we started our initial spatial plans for the space, priority was given to the position of the bed. This approach allowed us to create a narrative for how we imagined guests would feel interacting within the space, waking up to a natural light and scenic views we felt would enhance guests connection the space immeasurably and was achieved through appropriately positioning the bed directly opposite the spaces low-level window.

By minimising items of loose furniture, instead creating bespoke integral elements, we maximised the sense of space overall and subsequently the feeling of calm within.

To luxuriate the limited space available within the sleeping area we carefully designed a bespoke built-in headboard with integrated sockets and light switches, allowing for effective use of space around the bed, with side tables left aesthetically crisp and functionally spacious.

Complete rewiring was required within the intimate space, a challenge due to the age of the building but this allowed the space to flourish with decorative wall lights and hidden LED lighting, delicately integrated within the top rest of the headboard;  enhancing the mood of the space and creating a serene atmosphere.


Previously absent of any storage the space required a practical solution for the guest bedroom to function as intended but also needed to accommodate for frequent access to a high-level loft hatch.

Our experience in delivering bespoke joinery allowed for us to design and produce an aesthetically attractive, contemporary wardrobe which worked not only as a practical yet visual feature, aiding the serine symmetry required within the space - but also allowed us to design an integral aspect which accommodated the individual needs of the client through the addition of a discrete hatch, hidden to the eye within carefully, hand-crafted joinery.  

The building posses some truly beautiful existing architectural features which were brought back to life. Traditional treatment techniques were applied to each of the beams before our in-house -designed, high-end joinery was thoughtfully married around these original elements - which define the overall property.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Guest Bedroom
We needed to create a space which felt both welcoming and comfortable for guests whilst maximising the existing unique architecture which defines the property. We achieved this through careful spatial planning, drawing the eye upwards to the spaces pitched ceiling and through the use of bespoke, discrete textured finishes.

REDEFINING the space

Previously an awkward corner and the only available area for storage within the space, the addition of a small yet perfectly formed ensuite transformed how the space now functions. The addition of this component was to us integral as we envisaged how guests would wish to interact when staying in someone else’s home and whilst achieving an ensuite space which felt generous and luxurious was a challenge - we simply couldn't imagine a luxury guest bedroom space without this feature.

The buildings unique sloping walls were utilised as a feature in this area as we worked with, rather than around these unique aspects within the space, creating bespoke crittall doors to emphasise the natural architecture in a form which felt both fresh and seamless.

The use of mirrors and strong projections of light enhanced the property’s historic beams whilst the use of smoked mirror and wall mounted brassware provided a contemporary, luxury feel.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Bespoke Ensuite

A neutral palette combined soft textures

The space lacked natural light which influenced the curation of a subtle yet warm palette of colours built through a variation of hues at different levels. This particular colour concept also aligned with the nature of the space as guest bedroom - where a neutral palette is required to provide a harmonious atmosphere for various different guests to connect with.  

A range of textures were combined within the space to create additional warmth, from considered boucle upholstery to the carefully selected tufts within the high-end bespoke carpet.

A carefully selected bespoke carpet acted as the foundation for the colour palette within the space. Moving reflective bamboo combined with natural wool added a delicate contrast in light reflection across the space.

The Final Touch

Carefully considered accessories with discreet textures were clustered in organic formations to compliment the spaces heritage features. A conscious decision was made to minimise individual accessories,  instead utilising unique larger pieces with scale to creates an added feeling of openness throughout.

Scents by Malin and Goetz provided rich notes of leather and rum - a powerful and lasting scent that completely enveloped the space.

Rachel Usher Interior Design Luxury Guest Bedroom

 If you’re in the need of professional expertise please do get in touch; our interior design services are flexible, allowing us the freedom to cater to projects of various sizes. We work closely with all of our clients to realise imaginative spaces which truly reflect your vision and aspirations with the aim of enhancing your at-home-experience.

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Photography credit: Felix Mooneeram

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